Estate Services


Intended to describe and document the quality of the piece(s) of jewelry to develop a credible opinion for its replacement value for obtaining insurance coverage.

Billed per item. Most items fall within these pricing parameters; however if your item is exceptional and there any additional cost you will be notified before proceeding.

Single item $75.00 

After the single item minimum is met: 

No stones - $25.00 

1-9 stones- $50.00 

10+ stones- $75.00 

Watches- $50.00 

Pearl strands (basic clasps) $50.00 

*More elaborate pieces charged by the hour and quoted by appraisor. 


If the estate is subject to federal estate tax, a detailed report will be required to establish the fair  market value for each item. Estate appraisals subject to IRS scrutiny entail additional market value  research for significant jewelry items. These appraisals will list the documented sale prices of comparable  items (e.g., researched sales at auction). When applicable, these prices are followed by an analysis of the  similarities and differences between the item in question and the comparable items(s) assisting the  reader to understand the fair market value conclusion in the report. Naturally estate appraisals require  more time and research and are billed accordingly.

*Billed per hour at $200 per hour.

Equitable distribution

Often estates and trusts are not subject to federal estate tax but a report  documenting every item is still desirable. For example, these less formal reports are useful to help with  the equitable distribution of the estate/trust assets. Often these appraisals require less detailed market  research and consume less time.

* Billed per hour at $200 per hour. 


In this situation, no printed report is required. Metal and stone identification as well as  value can be provided.

*Billed by the hour at $200 per hour with a $50 minimum.

Assistance in selling your jewelry

Consignment - We may select jewelry to sell on consignment in our estate cases as well as our  online store. We look for high end designers, period pieces or significant one of a kind or  interesting items. You get paid upon sale of the item at an agreed upon price. 

Cash - If you are looking to liquidate quickly and don’t want to wait for your jewelry to sell on  consignment, or it does’t fit into the consignment mix, we give cash offers in most situations.

Huffords jewelry appraisals

• Gemstones are identified, graded, measured, and their weights calculated.  

• Metal content is determined.  

• All diamonds are described with weight, shape, color, clarity.  

• Colored gemstones are described with weight, shape, color, clarity with further detail when appropriate.  • Pearls are identified, graded, and measured. 

• Your appraisal includes color photos.  

• Digital copies available and/or printed color copies.